Who We Are 

We started off in 2017 we finally incorporated in 2019 providing financial coaching to an underserved community and transformed into multiple brands and services that focus around financial improvement. Our credit repair service was developed to help those who desire to reach goals but bad credit is a roadblock to their success of fulfilling those goals and struggled to remove/improve negative account information on their credit reports.

Since 2017, we've helped thousands fix & resolve credit reporting issues.

Plan, Prepare, and Build Your Future!
If you don't change......Your Future WON'T!

Mark Lee Jr. 

CEO & Founder

31-Year-old native of Gulfport, MS Mark Lee Jr. is an entrepreneur serving as the Founder/CEO of The Credit Solutions Group, The Perfect Loop and also the Credit Pastor LLC. These are powerful Christian based organizations that are geared towards helping people reach financial freedom. He is also dedicated to community growth and development.

Mark’s lifetime goal is to educate the masses on the matters of personal finance. His continual desire is to help create jobs, and create business opportunities so that others can build a legacy to leave their families.
He lives by the mission statement:

“Plan, prepare and build your future”
“If you don’t change, Your future won’t”.

Why Hire The Credit Pastor for Credit Repair Services ?

With several scammers preying people for quick credit fixes, credit repair has a bad reputation as a financial service. The Credit Pastor offers legitimate credit repair service across California, and many other states across America. With years of experience and industry expertise, we offer services protected under federal law and have a fully-satisfied clientele. 

Refinance All Your Loans for Lower Interest Rates 

Credit score plays a vital role in determining interest rates on all your loans. A better credit score will get you loans on low-interest rates. While lenders consider several factors before setting interest rates, the credit score is the most important one. Achieving a better credit score will allow you to refinance most type of loans including, but not limited to: 

 - Personal loans

 - Consolidation loans

 - Auto loans

 - Mortgages

 - Private student loans

Negotiate Lower Credit Card Interest Rates  

Most credit cards come with variable interest rates allowing card lenders to charge you different rates based on different factors. With the Fed raising the prime interest rate, you are likely to have a raise in your credit card APR too. Fortunately,The Credit Pastor Repair services can help you stay on low-interest rates with an excellent credit score.  

Get Quick Approvals on New Financing  

Getting rejections from lenders can be stress-inducing when you are looking for financing options. Leveraging the best credit repair services in California to fix your credit can significantly increase your chances of getting financed. Loan approvals primarily depend on two important factors including credit score and debt-to-income ratio. Many entrepreneurs with a good DTI ratio seek financial help to start their business but a low credit score can limit their chances. Fortunately, The Credit Pastor credit repair  allows you to stay confident while applying for different types of financing options by ensuring a good credit score.  

Become Mortgage-Ready  

Your big American Dream of buying a home relies heavily on your credit. No one wants to deal with the ever-increasing rent prices, especially when home ownership is a more affordable option. However, you need to become mortgage-ready when it comes to buying a home. Mortgages are different from an average loan since interest charges on mortgages can add up to thousands of dollars over time. We repair your credit and leave no stone unturned to get you ready for a mortgage.  


What is credit repair?   

If you have poor credit history due to a variety of reasons like unpaid debts, late payments, or anything else, credit repair is the process to repair your standing credit. It can be as simple as disputing wrong information with credit reporting companies and as extensive as repair damage incurred due to identity theft.  

How does a Credit Repair Company work?   

Damaged credit history can be too much to handle without an expert from the financial industry. A credit repair company like The Credit Pastor Credit Repair invests time and effort to correct erroneous data on your report. A credit repair company investigates for inaccurate or misrepresented information on your credit report, file disputes against that information, catch fraudulent transactions on your credit and devise a credit usage strategy that can positively impact your credit. 

How to verify a credit repair company?   

Unfortunate events are common in the credit repair industry since fraud companies are always scamming people with unrealistic goals. To verify whether a credit repair company is legitimate, check ratings with Better Business Bureau. You can also search for any complaints made against the company in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau database. 

A fraud company may charge you extremely high upfront and stop you from contacting reporting agencies yourself. They also suggest disputing correct items on credit reports