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The Credit Pastor - Credit repair service provider

Removing negative items from your credit history is one of the fastest ways to improve and start rebuilding your credit- we can help!

We'll dispute negative items in your credit report on our your behalf and teach you how to build your credit by up to 200 points!

Are these hurting your score?:

No matter your situation, we can help you!

Tax Liens
Personal Information
Late Payments
Charged-Off Accounts

3 Credit Bureau Disputing

Step 1

We work on Equifax, Transunion, and Experian credit reports simultaneously. Our average client sees an increase of at least 100 points or more within the first 6 months of using our service.

Monthly Disputes

Step 1

We'll dispute up to 30 negatives with each bureau every single month. Additionally, we'll seek verification on collections, charge-offs, late payments, judgements, tax liens, bankruptcies, incorrect addresses, and misspelled names to get a more accurate assessment of your credit profile. Not everything on your report should be there.

Completely Hands-Off

Step 1

We'll talk with creditors and debt collectors on your behalf and handle all correspondence for you. Plus, we'll help negotiate settlements and stop those collection calls for you - never speak with a collector again.

Unlimited Customer Support

Step 1

Get unlimited real-time support from our credit repair team through email, phone, text and Facebook. We offer credit repair services and unlimited instant customer support across California, Mississippi,Texas, Alabama and many other states in America. 

Credit Building Advice

Step 1

Your credit scores are only a reflection of your current financial picture, not where it's headed.  We provide specific credit-building advice catered to your personal situation to help jump start your credit boosting journey effectively.  


Voice of Customers 

These are real clients sharing their experience in our credit repair program.

Damian Washington

"Bought my first home in under 6 Month "

Pastor James W.

Fixed my credit and bought a new Dodge Ram!"

Joseph F

"They made the process simple for me because they did everything!"



Here Are Your Questions Answered

Question One

What items can you help me remove?

With our assistance, our clients have seen results with bankruptcies, foreclosures, collections, charge-offs, repossessions, medical bills, credit cards, inquiries, late payments, old addresses, judgements, tax liens and student loans. Every situation is case by case.

Question Two

Will items that are removed come back?

Items cannot come back as long as the item is current or paid at the time of removal or if the collection is older than three years. Only in very rare circumstances will a removed account come back.

Question Three

Why do results vary?

There are two sides to the credit repair battle. Sometimes, the furnishers and credit bureaus have done absolutely everything right and we have no case against them. On average, clients are able to remove 50% of the negative items from a credit report that are in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If we fail to remove anything, you may qualify for a refund.

Question Four

How long will it take to raise my score?

Through our services, clients begin to see changes within the first 45 days. Also, our clients can see a minimum 100 point credit score increase with each credit bureau within 6 months of working with us. As long as no derogatory information or increase to credit card balances are added to the credit report, this holds to be true.

Question Five

What’s your refund policy?

Each client has 14 days to cancel their enrollment to receive a full refund of the enrollment costs. Also, by 90 days of working in our credit repair program, if we were unable to remove ANY derogatory information, we’ll process a full refund of their past payments (3 months) if they decided to cancel.

Question Six

What’s your cancellation policy?

Our contract has no forced requirement for how long you must maintain our service. That means you may cancel at any time without suffering cancellation fees. However, our credit repair service is paid 30 days in arrears, so it’s still the client’s obligation to pay for services already rendered if canceled. But, to avoid occurring additional service fees, you MUST cancel 14 days prior to your due date.

Question Seven

How long is your process?

On average, clients can expect to see the full potential of the program in six (6) months. During the six-month enrollment, our clients typically see their first significant credit score increase within forty-five to sixty days of initial enrollment. As everyone's credit situation is unique to them, it may take up to a six months to reach desired progress depending on the severity of individual negative credit reports.

Question Eight

What if I want to bring my spouse aboard?

To get your spouse started, please get them enrolled above, then send us an email to to let us know that your spouse has signed up.

Question Nine

How do you obtain my credit reports?

Within 15 minutes of enrolling, we will send you the next steps with a recommendation for 3-bureau credit monitoring which will be $1 for the first 14 days. 3-bureau credit monitoring is required to work with us.

While we understand there are free services that provide credit monitoring you may prefer to use; however, those services don't provide us all the details we need to accurately assess your whole credit profile. Those services are fine for doing a quick, surface-level peak of your credit, but won't provide the in-depth information we need to improve all 3 of your credit scores and reports. We dive deep to bring results and recommend obtaining credit monitor to both serve you better and provide optimal peace of mind.

Question Ten

Do you need my social security number?

We understand that your information is very important and it needs to be protected. To work with us, it’s not mandatory for you to send us your social security number. However, two forms of ID are needed when we send disputes to the credit bureaus.

Below are your options for acceptable Forms of ID that we accept:
-Drivers License or State ID (mandatory)
-Social Security Card
-Utility Bill
-Pay Stub
-Bank Statement

Question Elveven

What does my payment today cover?

Your payment today covers the set up of your account. As a courtesy, we will send out your first round of disputes within 5 days of signing up. Your payment for our service will then be paid every 30 days from signing up.

Question Twelve

Are you compliant with State & Federal Laws?

Credit repair and tactics used by The Credit Pastor LLC are 100% legal. The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows consumers to challenge the validity of any inaccurate or obsolete information on any consumer report. Through this act, The Credit Pastor will only exercise guidance that is parallel to what the laws have specifically laid out. We are required to abide under the state laws in which we do business and as a result we are licensed and bonded through the state of California.

Question Thirteen

Do I need to Schedule a Consultation?

You do not need to schedule a consultation. Face-to-Face consultations are for those who'd like more information about our credit repair service but don't feel comfortable enrolling online. Since our team of experts is limited, there is an additional cost associated with them. However, if you'd like to get started sooner, you can enroll online and begin the process today.

We serve all states except Georgia residents